The video with the most MEMBERS votes on May 29th will win the CVA-500 Cecilio Viola

Here are the 3 videos in the finals. Please vote for one of them on the polls to the right sidebar. Only members are able to vote. If you are not already a member please register first from the forum page. If you clear your cache or reset your IP the second vote will not count. The result showing might not reflect the true actual votes. The only votes that count are the 1st votes that come in from each registered voting member.

The rules for the giveaway were as follows:

  1. Make a video advertisement to promote
  2. Make sure your video mentions and reasons for visiting.
  3. Upload that video to Youtube and attempt to get as many views for your video as possible.
  4. Include links to in your description text on Youtube.
  5. Share this post with as many friends as possible.
  6. LIKE this page. The link can be found on the top of the right hand sidebar.
  7. Post your youtube video on’s forum.

Members of and will vote on their favorite video out of the top three most viewed eligible videos.

However, we did not receive three videos until much later than the original deadline. Because of complaints for one of the contestants being an administrator though in reality he is just a contributor, I have decided to remove him as administrator instead of eliminating him from the contest.  I would like to see the winner as a frequent visitor and contributor and therefor cannot see a valid reason to eliminate his entry.

The winner of the CVA-500 will be announced on May 29th if there is not too many questionable votes such as repeated votes from same IP, or many registered users from the same server etc. Please keep this competition fair.

Good luck to all three contestants who did a great job and deserve to win.



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