Fiddlerman/Violaman’s Bile Em Cabbage Down International Youtube Project

Join Fiddlerman/Violaman’s Bile Em Cabbage Down International Youtube Project

All interested violinists and violists are welcome to learn the parts arranged and available here on for the Bile Em Cabbage Down International Youtube Project.

At the end of July members will record themselves individually a click track that will be posted here to create a memorable Bile Em Cabbage Down International Youtube Project.

Download the appropriate part or all the parts and learn them as well as you can.

Record yourself using the Click-track in ear not audible on the recording and SPREND the file to (Do not email any files to me, they will be too big)

Deadline for turning in the audio or video files is for now, July 30th. Please spread the word to everyone you know that plays the violin or viola. The more the merrier.

If you don’t wish to be seen just record audio. I will mix the parts first then add the video. There is a possibility that not every video will be seen but all the appropriate audio from the video files will be. Sending me a video gives the rights to use the video as seen fit for a youtube project.

Demo videos soon to come for help on how to play the parts.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this fun and exciting project. I encourage you to recruit players to make this event even more fun.

Download any or all parts and choose the most appropriate one to record based on your capabilities.

Bile Em Cabbage Down for VIOLIN

Bile Em Cabbage Down for VIOLA

Bile Em Cabbage Down – viola 1

Bile Em Cabbage Down – viola 2

Bile Em Cabbage Down – viola 3

Bile Em Cabbage Down – viola 4


Bile Em Cabbage Down – Four Parts – MIDI file

Bile Em Cabbage Down – violin/viola 1 – MIDI file

Bile Em Cabbage Down – violin/viola 2 – MIDI file

Bile Em Cabbage Down – violin/viola 3 – MIDI file

Bile Em Cabbage Down – violin/viola 4 – MIDI file

CLICK TRACK – for recording in unison – download, save, practice with, and record while playing in-ear. Bile Em Cabbage Down – Click Track – to save, right click (control click for Mac) and choose “Save Link As.”

via Fiddlerman’s Bile Em Cabbage Down International Youtube Project | Fiddlerman.

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