The International Halloween Video Project is Finished!

Twenty one members of / particapated in the Halloween project 2012. A few members recorded all five parts. Eight members sent in videos. This is the result. Special thanks to all the participants:
Violin 1: Adverse, Esse, Fiddlerdude, Fiddlerman, Janet, Minh, Sara
Viola 1: HeadCheese
Violin 2: Fiddlerman, Heather, Jake, Minh
Violin 3: Fiddlerman, Minh, MusicLover, ViolinGirl
Violin 3 and Cello: Xavi and Dani
Violin 4: Fiddlerman, Julie, Minh, TunesB
Violin 5: Alma, Diane, Minh, Naska
Violin 5 and Cello: Xavi and Dani

Stay posted for information on the next project which will be ready in time for Christmas.

About HeadCheese

Keith was born very young and as soon as he could hold a crayon was off on a career in graphic design with a focus on low-wall embellishment. After several years of time-outs and lessons in interior home repainting, he struck out on his own to find his way as an artist: graphic, martial and performing, with brief careers as a professional juggler, vocal talent for broadcast, and eventually as the Art Director for Priority One Publishing and Melton Printing before joining The Master's Press. Keith is well-versed in just about all of the good graphics and layout applications for both PC and Macintosh, as well as a few of the really awful ones that all-too-often cross his desk. Keith holds a 3rd degree black-belt in Iwama-style Aikido, and is currently developing a martial art to counter Publisher and Word documents.
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