What’s going on at Violaman.com?

OK, so we just got violaman.com rolling with much ambition for the future.
Presently I am adding simple appropriate sheet music a little at a time with hopes of building a giant unique library much similar to Fiddlerman.com.
Today I added another Christmas piece at the same time as it was added to Fiddlerman.com. A few days ago I created a facebook violaman page and yesterday I added a facebook like button that I hope will generate some new visitors.

Plans for this week are to create basic learning lessons and etudes for the person who wants to teach themselves to play. Am working on the viola tuner as well and should have that ready soon. Eventually the Violin Fingering Game will also be “transposed” to the Viola Fingering Game”.

If anyone would like to contribute youtube lessons please contact me: admin@violaman.com

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