Fiddlerman’s International Youtube project, “He’s A Pirate”

All interested members will learn and record themselves individually using a click-track to create a memorable international youtube video of “He’s a Pirate”. Download the appropriate part or all the parts and learn them as well as you can. If you wish, upload your progress and embed videos on the forum to receive constructive criticism for improving your performance.

Some time in the beginning of March we will collect the parts to combine hopefully hundreds of audio and video files. If you don’t wish to be seen just record audio.

Demo videos soon to come for help on how to perform the parts.

He’s a Pirate was chosen by Fiddlerman’s members on the “Fiddle Talk” forum.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this fun and exciting project. I encourage you to recruit players to make this event even more fun and popular.

Download any or all parts and choose the most appropriate one to record based on your capabilities.

He’s a Pirate – Viola 1
He’s a Pirate – Viola 2
He’s a Pirate – Viola 3
He’s a Pirate – Viola 4
He’s a Pirate – Viola 5

He’s a Pirate – Score
He’s a Pirate – Violin 1
He’s a Pirate – Violin 2
He’s a Pirate – Violin 3
He’s a Pirate – Violin 4
He’s a Pirate – Violin 5

“He’s a Pirate” MP3 of all five parts

See what the Fiddlerman family members were able to accomplish together on the last project Christmas 2011:

Details about the last project HERE

Parts for the Fiddlerman’s International “He’s a Pirate” Youtube Project

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